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Los Arcos dive site is named after the two arches to be found here and the place is full of life. I’m always excited to show my advanced students this dive spot and I almost dare to do a turtle guarantee!

There are coral blocks to be spotted at the beginning of the dive while in the meantime there’s bigger life in the blue and we see triggerfish and jackfish. We descend and follow the reef on our left which has now turned into a big wall.

There is a pretty strong left shoulder current letting us easily flow with it.  The walls contain sponges and fan corals with many moray eels in between!

Closer to the arches we spot a lobster and a big stingray is laying the sand.

Once we start ascending slowly to the shallower plateau, in the end, we see our third hawksbill turtle of this dive. It is laying in the reef, swims away from us before it decides to come back and makes another circle around us before disappearing into the blue. A school of barracudas swims past us while we are doing our safety stop.

The Author: Ellis Derkx is a PADI MSDT with experience teaching in Mexico.

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