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After the current check, which confirms it’s coming from the right, we jump in the Madivaru Corner dive site and descend slowly next to a wall which already makes me smile.

In the first 10 minutes, we see a couple of lobsters, a mantis shrimp and many morays, lionfish and nudibranchs. But once we reach the plateau at about 18 metres, we can just hover above the reef and watch television! There are about 15 white tip reef sharks hunting for their afternoon snack which is not hard to find for them on this place!

An eagle ray swims along as if he wants to tell us: “It’s not only about the sharks!”. We also see many schools of fish, tuna, and barracudas while the surgeonfish happily play with our bubbles.

For the people with still enough air, the dive continues a bit further down where we also meet with two huge Napoleon fish and I see a leaf fish proudly showing himself between the stones where also a few stonefish are to be found.

The Author: Ellis Derkx is a PADI MSDT who has been teaching in the Maldives.

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