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Meaning ‘Unlucky Rocks’ in Malay, this site is on the south side of Tulai Island, which is 20 mins away by boat from Tioman Island, and as you stand on Pasir Panjang beach on the south side of Tulai, you can see a huge cluster of boulders rising out of the sea marking the dive spot, which is just 5 mins away by boat. The currents here are moderate with depths ranging from 10m to 25m which makes it ideal for both diving and snorkelling.

Being quite shallow and with excellent viz up to 20m, the water literally sparkles with sunbeams as you drift along finding crevices, swim-throughs and holes to explore in the boulders which are covered in coral formations. Discover a gorgeous and colourful underwater scenery of coral bommies and columns with stag horn, plate, table, cabbage and flower corals, as well as anemones, fans, sponges, nudibranchs and macro creatures galore.

The variety of marine life here is wonderful, you’ll see hawksbill turtles, damselfish, clownfish, parrotfish, angelfish, moray eels, trevallies, butterfly fish and several pretty reef fish. You might see cuttlefish securing their eggs in the corals, and of course many feisty triggerfish with their sharp teeth, always ready to attack if you get too close!

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