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Tanjung Mangguar is another example of the stunning dives sites that can be found in Cendrawasih Bay. Divers come from all over the world to dive here for the stunning corals, crystal clear water, turquoise colours of the water, and the large variety of marine species that inhabit the area.

Another great example of submerged sandy coral reef rock that is common in Cendrawasih Bay, Tanjung Mangguar is a nice and easy calm dive with a maximum depth of 20 metres. This means most divers will find themselves averaging at depths of around 10 to 15 metres. Visibility is fantastic and reaches up to 20 metres. Water temperatures are between 26 degrees and 29 degrees throughout the year, making it a perfect temperature no matter when divers visit. The small caves, overhangs, slopes, walls, and nooks and crannies make it a brilliant addition to the dive sites of the area.

Filled with fringing corals, the huge schools of fish are the main attraction of this dive site. It has a sloping bottom contour and is a great site for wide angled photography because of all of the macro fauna found here. Sightings of walking sharks, cowries, spider crab, Wobbegong have been reported from time to time.

The site thrives with varieties of fusilier, barracuda, sweetlips, butterflyfish, scorpionfish, blennies, octopus, shrimp, trevallies, snapper, cardinalfish, angelfish, groupers, damselfish, anthias, batfish, wrasses, parrot, surgeonfish, triggerfish, gobies, eels, crab, nudibranch, flatworm, shellfish, turtles, and rays. Out in the deep sea, divers can expect to see passing sharks patrolling the area. Divers can explore the many parts of the dive site making it very interesting for macro divers as well who will surely discover unique critters amongst the corals.

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