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Manta Point is technically a very easy dive, shallow waters (18 meters) and without a strong current, making it so easy for my air consumption – very low.

Now the hard part comes: how one can leave a site where the most beautiful creatures are?

The giant manta rays… It is hard to express the silent excitement mixed with hope and doubt when I was waiting for them at the bottom of their cleaning station.

If one comes too close to it, the manta won’t stay, but then the mantas would come circling around the station above the heads of the divers, not at all scared by the bubbles. They fly without making any movement, effortlessly and fast. But not scary fast like sharks and tunas, angelically fast, appearing out of nowhere and disappearing quickly.

Seeing them I forgot to breathe, I forgot everything else, that is not pure beauty or black majesty.

The hardest thing in this site is to stop admiring them and start swimming away.

The Author: Klaudia Kubicka, Divemaster.

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