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Manta Reef is well-known for being one of the most pristine diving sites on Earth and is definitely well worth a visit! It is one of only 2 known manta “cleaning stations” in the world.

A dive at Manta Reef will present divers with a unique view into the world of manta rays as smaller fish attach themselves to the rays and feed on the parasites located on their wings and fins. Mutually beneficial for both parties, the smaller fish receive a delicious meal and the manta rays are free to continue gracefully gliding the waters much cleaner than they were before. These magnificent creatures can sometimes reach up to 6 metres across and to see them up close is really a thrilling experience. Better still, seeing them intereact at a manta “cleaning station” is certainly a phenomenon worth seeing.

Mozambique, with its temperate waters and ideal diving conditions, will not fail to disappoint with other varieties of marine life either. Schools of blue banded snappers will add some colour to what is already a very colourful dive and you might even see a painted frogfish or the dangerous but beautiful dragon moray eel. Divers have reported whale shark sightings and the interesting-looking bow mouth guitar fish too.

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