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I feel it is such a cliche to dive the house reef: usually the closest site full of open water students.

Moalboal is a different case at all. The wall making the house reef drops to more than 50 meters. I can see there the abundance of Philippine waters: sweetlips, moorish idols and other fish.

Unquestionably the biggest attraction here are the turtles. I saw them even while eating my lunch in a restaurant facing the water. They come as shallow as half a meter to munch on seagrass and weed.

All of that sounds perfect doesn’t it? Well , that’s not all, as for me the biggest highlight here is the free sardine school tornading around the same spot every day and night.

I think it is a place that reshaped my idea of ideal dive sites. The sardines swim around me, but never really touching. Making way for me, but at the same time closing behind and above. When they change swimming directions their little bodies shine million slivers reflecting the sunlight. It is like I am dancing with one shining soft tornado.

The one and only best dive site for me.

The Author: Klaudia Kubicka is a Divemaster who loves diving and traveling.

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