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Nabucco cave is located on the outer wall of the atoll at a depth of 40m (131ft). As we dropped into the clear water, a strong current swept us along the wall towards to mouth of the cave. Reef hooks are extremely useful to have while diving here as currents are generally strong.

As we entered the cave, darkness soon enveloped us, and torches were switched on. Caves always send shivers down my spine. Despite being only able to penetrate as far as 20m (66ft) into the cave there was a variety of sponge growth on the inner walls. The only fish that seem to reside in the cave were squirrel and cardinalfish. Due to the depth our visit was short.

On our way to shallow water, we were delighted by a pair of spotted eagle rays that danced in the current. A large number of giant morays dotted the rocky landscape, and then suddenly a flash of bright blue caught my eye a blue ribbon eel. Satisfied we headed back, eager to enjoy Gustav’s cooking.

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