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This are of diving in Fiji is only rivalled by the diving in Taveuni or Manta Ray Island in the Yasawa Islands, for its quality, abundance of marine life, and coral conditions. This is largely because the area became a marine protected area in 1997, which banned fishing throughout Namena. Divers can now expect to see an amazing array of marine life and have some of the best dives in Fiji, if not the world.

The area is made up of many different dive spots that are all extremely varied. At Dream House, with a maximum depth of 30 metres, divers can see large schools of hammerhead sharks, grey reef sharks, and white tip sharks. These are joined by anemone fish, leaf fish, tuna, unicorn fish, surgeonfish, batfish, and barracuda.

Close by is Purple Garden that is dive site made up predominantly of large purple soft corals but also has many sea whips, sea fans, and magic corals. There are some great swim throughs on this dive as well. Another dive site with many swim throughs is Dungeons and Dragons. This site has many caverns and is home to many anemones, shrimps, wrasse, juvenile fish, fish nurseries, clams, and gobies.

Meanwhile, Devil’s Hideout is a dive site that is covered in lion fish with divers being able to spot turtles, clam, shrimps, and gobies here as well amongst the caverns and swim throughs. For divers looking to spot turtles, Turtle Alley will not disappoint. This is a wall dive that is very shallow so is also used as a snorkelling dive spot. There are many soft corals and interesting topography that hosts many turtles as well as other reef fish and pelagic fish. Without a doubt, the reserve has a dive site for every diver and it is recommended that divers complete many dives in the area to get a true feel for the great condition of this marine reserve.

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