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This fantastic wall dive is often voted the best steep wall dive in South East Asia. The wall has a vast number of giant gorgonian fans living on it and when the sunlight penetrates the water onto the wall, it looks amazing. The wall is located within Napantao marine protected area and so there is a reduced amount of fishing. Added to this, when there is a good current, the site is home to many pelagic fish and rare marine species, making it a great dive.

The site is actually made up of two walls that are normally dived as one drift dive. The main wall starts at 10 metres and then drops down to about 50 metres. The strong currents are great for fish but do need to be monitored by divers, as they can be quite tricky to manage. Along with the gorgonian fans, green tree corals have also colonised the wall. At about 42 metres, there is a large crack that is home to many spotted groupers and sweet lips. The other wall also drops down to about 50 metres and is home to many batfish, scorpionfish, and frogfish.

Divers will be able to see the white tip reef sharks, snappers, rainbow runners, devil rays, wahoo, and tuna that are drawn to the current. Other fish include titan triggerfish, angelfish, butterfly fish, groupers, wrasse, and fusiliers. Divers regularly spot whale sharks at this site out in the open water near the reef. The rarest fish found here has been the salp, which is normally a deep-sea creature. It can grow to 10 metres long and is transparent in appearance.

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