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Australia is home to many famous diving locations such as the Point Murat Navy Pier site. No trip to Exmouth would be complete without diving the Navy Pier, a 300m stretch of diverse and exciting marine life for all to enjoy as it is easily accessible from the shore.

If you’re a diver who pays close attention to detail, keep a close lookout for stone fish in the area – these mottled kings of camouflage can look just like a harmless stone to the untrained eye. For fans of the unusual, there is the odd-looking frog fish, weird and wonderful octopi and even sightings of Wobbegong sharks. Continuing with the wealth of strange marine life available at this man-made site, expect to see the exotic but dangerous scorpion fish as well as lion fish, moray eels and creepy-looking angler fish.

As if all of these weren’t enough to get your heart beating faster, regular sightings of white tip reef sharks have been noted. There’s no doubt about it, Point Murat Navy Pier is sure to make one sensational log book entry.

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