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Lembeh is very unique. Muck dive is something particular that I was not sure to like before I tried. And I was so wrong!

This is so exciting to spend your whole dive looking for critters. One dive site in Lembeh is quite famous for being inhabited by many nudibranchs. The site has been named Nudi Falls because one says that nudibranchs sometimes fall off the wall because of divers’ bubbles.

It is paradise for macro and nudibranchs lovers, but not only!

Besides nudibranchs, there are so many others species living on this site. We also managed to spot frogfish, pygmy seahorses, and even a blue-ringed octopus…

We also dove on that site for a night dive. In fact this is one of the most popular dive site for night dive. During the night the atmosphere is totally different from what we could experience during the day. It is a great dive site.

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