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NUdi Rock is a dive site with a strong current that is a great spot for divers who want to spot pelagic fish and it is also a great spot for macro underwater photography. The dive site is named because it is a place to find Nudibranchs, and also because the small island resembles a nudibranch. The island even has trees on it that look like the rhinophores and gills of a nudibranch. The wind gentle sways the trees, making it resemble a nudibranch in the currents below.

The dive is a drift dive because of all the currents that pass through. Divers need to be advanced and experienced with diving with currents. The dive starts at around 5 to 10 metres and drops off to around 27 metres with most divers staying at around 10 metres. Visibility is good averaging at around 10 metres but it can extend to 30 metres on good days.

Many of the smaller creatures of the dive site, including the nudibranchs, are found in the shallower parts of the dive where there are many different types of hard and soft corals. The soft corals of the reef are home to a huge number of different types of nudibranch of many different colours. These are joined by arrowhead shrimps, cleaner shrimps, pygmy seahorses, porcelain crabs, decorator crabs, cowries, and many other types of smaller creatures. There are also many blennies that congregate on the sea fans and turtles are commonly seen feeding on the reef.

At deeper depths, divers can then search for the larger creatures and they can expect to see many fusiliers being hunted by chasing jack fish, napoleon wrasse, and schools of barracuda whilst they drift along the reef.

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