This is another great dive site for seeing larger marine life including rays and sharks. It is also visited for the amazing topography found here….

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This is a great dive site providing a serene dive along a fantastic dive wall. Divers come here for photography and to see big fish…

Read More about Bahia Tiburones >>

This is a great site where divers can see a lot of black coral and some fantastic marine life. This site is a great site…

Read More about Cousins Rock >>

This is another dive site in the Galapagos where divers come to see sharks and rays. This dive site has some amazing topography as the…

Read More about Hat Island >>

This is a great dive for spotting the very strange looking red lipped batfish. This dive site is found on Wolf Island. This was named…

Read More about Anchorage >>

This area is actually made up of two fantastic dive sites – a channel dive site and an open ocean dive site, both of which…

Read More about Seymour North >>

This dive site is sometimes called the best dive site in the world and it is a great hammerhead shark spotting dive site and is…

Read More about Darwin’s Rock >>

This is a great drift dive with a pinnacle that gives the dive site its name. It also has many swim throughs and also a…

Read More about Pinaculos >>

This is a great dive site, with varied topography, great corals, and a good variety of marine life. This dive site gets there names from…

Read More about Blue Holes >>

This fantastic dive site is a great place to spot sharks and this gives the dive site its name. Found on the western side of…

Read More about Shark City >>

This is a fantastic dive site and offers divers a unique experience of diving a 320-foot wreck of a World War 2 seaplane. The wreck…

Read More about Jake Seaplane >>

West Passage is the largest channel in Palau and offers a great chance to see many pelagic fish. This is a stunning dive site through…

Read More about West Passage >>

This is a fantastic dive site for divers who want to see the big stuff. Most divers visit to see different types of shark and…

Read More about Devilfish City >>

An amazing drift dive awaits you at the Ulong Channel in Palau. The Ulong Channel stretches for up to 500 meters and is said to…

Read More about Ulong Channel >>

Blue Corner, together with Jellyfish Lake, is one of the most amazing dive sites in the world. The reefs of Palau are at a convergent…

Read More about Blue Corner Wall >>

The small Gato island was called that because from one specific angle it resembles a sleeping cat. It was a first place I saw a…

Read More about Gato Island Cave >>

A favourite dive spot in South Ari Atoll.

Read More about Kudarah Thila >>

Incredible night dive with many pelagics.

Read More about Alimatha Jetty >>

Prstine and colorful reef made of soft and hard corals.

Read More about Golden Reef >>

A macro photographers paradise, Dauin House Reef is also popular for night dives.

Read More about Dauin House Reef >>

Amazing dive site with Sevengill sharks. Other species of sharks may include: Gully shark, Pyjama and Soupfin and sometimes the juvenile Dusky’s can be spotted. Fish species include the Galjoen, the Red Roman, the Cape Knife jaw, John Brown, Zebra’s and Streepies. Nudibranches such as the Gas flame Nudis and the Cape Nudibranch can be seen there as well.

Read More about Pyramid Rock >>

One of the best shore dive in the USA and probably in the world.

Read More about Blue Heron Bridge >>

Great dive site with a very diverse topography.

Read More about Batu Rufus >>

Amazing crystal clear visiblity in the famous large fissure filled up with icy cold water.

Read More about Silfra >>

This is a truely unique night dive where you can rare marine creatures rising from the deep such as siphonophores, ctenophores, larval-stage critters, salps, octopus, squid, sharks, dolphins, sharks…

Read More about Black Water Dive >>

A remote and most rewarding dive site, with mobula rays and numerous pelagics.

Read More about Princess Alice Bank >>

Amazing dive site with high chances of seeing groups of Mobulas.

Read More about Dos Sombreros >>

Excellent for eagle rays.

Read More about Hol Chan >>

The Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize is one of the most unique dive spot in the world.

Read More about Great Blue Hole >>

Pange Reef is a superb dive site located near the capital of Zanzibar: Stone Town.

Read More about Pange Reef >>

Nice wreck in the shallows. Don’t miss the geometric morays.

Read More about The Great Northern >>

The needle is a totally unique underwater structure.

Read More about The Eye of the Needle >>

Great dive site with turtles and a nurse shark.

Read More about Tent Reef >>

The Gazebo is one of the best dive site of the famous Bloody Bay Wall.

Read More about Randy’s Gazebo >>

This dive site is the deeper one where it’s possible to dive with stingrays.

Read More about Stingray City Sandbar >>

A superb dive site with turtles, macro and more.

Read More about Turtle City >>

This great dive site offers a swimthrough taking divers from one side of the reef to the other.

Read More about Dolphin’s Den >>

Calvin’s Crack is a very popular dive site in the east end of Roatan.

Read More about Calvin’s Crack >>

The wreck of Prince Albert is almost completely covered by corals while the shallow top of CoCo View Wall is thickly covered too. An excellent night dive.

Read More about CoCo View Wall >>

Blue Channel is a great dive site located near Roatan’s West End.

Read More about Blue Channel >>

Blowing Rock is a rock with a lot of pelagics accessible from the Little Corn Islands in the Caribbean Sea (Nicaragua).

Read More about Blowing Rock >>

El faro is a beautiful reef near Saona Island.

Read More about El Faro >>

Devil’s Cave in Florida’s High Springs is a true wonder fresh water cavern where prehistoric bones have been found.

Read More about Devil’s Cave System >>

This drift dive is one of the best dive site in the whole Caribbeans. Plenty of marine life and pelagics.

Read More about Santa Rosa Wall >>

This amazing fresh water artificial lake is located in Khoa Sok National Park.

Read More about Cheow Lan Lake >>

Great shallow dive site for begginers and photographers with a lot of marine life and some historical artefacts.

Read More about Viva Shallow >>

The St. George is an artificial wreck sunk in 1999 and located in Bayahibe.

Read More about St. George Wreck >>

Amazing night diving with manta rays feeding on plankton!

Read More about Manta Heaven >>

Fantastic diving with bull shark happens very november at Shark Point!

Read More about Bull Shark Point >>
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