The Tajma Ha dive site will lead you past four cenotes with amazing sunlight beams.

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Garden of Eden is a truly appropriate name for this idyllic dive spot!

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El Pit (the Pit) is a very deep and large beautiful Cenote that offers one of the most amazing ambiance and light.

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Amazing wall dive site accessible from the shore!
Located in Playa Girón.

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Punta Frances (along Cuba’s “pirate coast”) is characterised by beautiful reef fishes as well as healthy and colourful coral reefs.

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The divemaster feeds a bucket of fish to the grey sharks for a live feeding frenzy!

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El Aguila Wreck is one of the best dive spot of the island!

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One of the best dive site in Italy for muckdiving.

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Isola di Bergeggi or Bergeggi Island is great for barracudas, moray eels and other Mediterranean sea creatures.

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Superb blue hole swimthrough and beautiful drift dive showcasing some of the colorful reef of the Maldives.

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High chances to see Mantas during the right season. Note that there are two dive sites on Daravandhoo reef, many people start on the thila to see sharks, but the bulk of it is the reef that borders the island. It is about a 300m north west compass navigation from the Thila to the reef.

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Kudaridikilu Wall is one of the less famous dive sites on the Baa Atoll and is often overlooked. I find that out of all the…

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If you are looking for a dive where you are most likely able to see ‘everything’, Devils is the place to get to.

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This dive site is for very experienced divers and features an amazing overhang.

Read More about Coliseum >>

This easily accessible wreck is in the shallows in a protected bay. Divers need a permit as is it’s the Karbonkelberg protected area.

Read More about Antipolis Wreck >>

One of the most popular shore dives around Cape Town, the difficult to find A-Frame dive site features swimthroughs and crevices along with some great marine life such as nudibranch and klipfish.

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El Ebano, Cuba, Dive Site

Canyon, small caves, coral reefs and a lot of tropical marine life make this dive site a must.
Located in Located in Playa Girón, Bahía de Cochinos.

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Beautiful coral and huge marine biodiversity.

Read More about Himandhoo Thila >>

A spiritual dive site with statues honouring the victims of the 2004 tsunami.

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Nudi Falls is one of the top dive sites at Lembeh for its 10 meter wall covered with nudibranches.

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Located just off the south-east coast of Gam. Mike’s Point is one of the most spectacular dive with a very interesting terrain.

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Muka Kampung is the dive site where I could see the most turtles ever. I haven’t counted them but I think I saw around 10,…

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Lekuan 1 is one of the most popular dive sites around Bunaken. Each time I dove there I could see many turtles, either on the…

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The Moalboal house reef is excellent for turtles, for the sardine tornado and much more.

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The Kled Gaeow (Keaow) Wreck is located about 600-800 meters on the east side of Phi Phi Ley. UIt was launched in 1948 as the RNoMS Norfest (Norway).

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Spectacular dive site with a magical hydrogen sulfate layer looking like a cloud with a forest reaching through.

Read More about Cenote Angelita >>

Diving Casa Cenote (also known as Cenote Manati) feels like being under the jungle!

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One of the most spectacular dive site in Roatan, Mary’s Place is famous for its deep crevasses, swim throughs beatufiul reef and abundant marine life.

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Cristal clear waters featuring swarming caribbean reef sharks.

Read More about Shark Junction >>

Amazing kelp forest with seven-gill cowsharks, shysharks and nudis.

Read More about Miller’s Point >>

Spectacular dive site with good visibility and colourful reef life, swimthroughs, caves, overhangs and pinnacles.

Read More about Justin’s Caves >>

Interesting cave systems with marine life.

Read More about The Cathedral >>

Superb shallow dive site with coral canyons.

Read More about Smith’s Cove >>

Divers can kneel down and enjoy the many stingrays swimming around!

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The wreck is in good shape, with one of its paddlewheels standing upright.

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The wreck of the Constellation is one of the most popular sites in Bermuda.

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Nelivaru is located only 1km north of Kunfundahoo island and offers high chances of Manta ray spotting.

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This ancient Roman shipwreck lays near Antisamos Beach and was made famous by the movie ‘Captain Corellis mandolin’.

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Superb wreck sunk by the Germans during WWII. Best for Technical and Trimix divers.

Read More about HMS Perseus Submarine >>
Macabuca Dive Site

Large number of marine life inhabits this pristine coral reef.

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Scuba Diving in Sail Rock

The best dive spot in the Gulf of Thailand with some very large schools of fish.

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The Soviet Destroyer, Capt. M.V. Tibbetts, off Cayman Brac.

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Seeing the larger fish combined with the fine corals make Stork Passage a very good sive site.

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Large population of pelagic game fish.

Read More about Mtwapa Creek >>

Strong current brings large pelagics.

Read More about The Wall >>

Tiwi Reef is one of the best in the area.

Read More about Tiwi Reef >>

Canyon with numerous swimthroughs.

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