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Pange Reef is an underwater paradise with a land view to match. I always remember the look on everyone’s face as we arrive at the sand island surrounded by turquoise water whilst getting ready to jump in.

The best way I found to dive is by following the sandy slope down to around 20m, then going to the left, here I follow the fringe reef along for about half the dive time. Searching the reef edge allows time to spot the spearing mantis shrimp buried in the sand waiting for a suitable meal.

I then head shallower and back to the right over the reefs, as I am a nudibranch fanatic this is the place to spot them.

Flatworm from Zanzibar

Flatworm (Pseudoceros dimidiatus) from Zanzibar. Photo Credit: Debbie Woods

I have seen some here that I have never spotted in another place. I always enjoyed here with my divemaster trainee who had the same passion.

Nudibranch, Zanzibar

Nudibranch, Zanzibar. Photo Credit: Debbie Woods

I also had another first at this reef, I heard dolphins chattering for the very first time underwater, no sighting though, that was a later dive in the south of the island.

The Author: Debbie Woods is a PADI and SSI Master instructor with 6000 dives accross 4 continents.

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