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Cozumel has some beautiful dive sites but Paso Del Cedral Wall is my favourite so far.

Jumping off from the boat, we descend as soon as I complete the surface check with my divers, a couple from Germany. Down below we are met with a line of divers. Group after group are drifting along the inner section of the wall. I am amazed. I have never seen so many divers at one site.

Paso del cedral wall batfish

Batfish, Paso del Cedral wall. Photo Credit: Hilde van de Sande

We drift along with them shortly and then I decide to get away from the crowds and take my divers to the real wall- the steep drop-off. You cannot even see the bottom. The currents are ripping at us pushing us along it and then upwards as we get pushed around a little by an upwelling current.

Paso del Cedral wall eel

Eel, Paso del Cedral wall. Photo Credit: Hilde van de Sande

That’s when I see it. The biggest Eagle ray I have ever seen in my life! I try to get the couples attention but they were exploring the macro life. She comes up to us, beautifully flying through the water and then turns and swims away. Now I have everyone’s attention. We wait a little while holding onto a rock to not drift. And yes! She comes back! Using the upwelling she keeps swimming up to us and then swims away gracefully.

We finally let go of the rock and drift on excited to see more. We come across a huge lobster determinedly, out in the open, crawling along the reef against the current, tentacles flowing behind it.

Then we see a hawksbill turtle grazing away and we hang out with it for some time and then end our dive happy and excited with our new adventure.

The Author: Kira is a PADI MSDT, Full Cave Diver and holds an M.Sc in Marine conservation and Biodiversity.

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