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The home of reef sharks and barracudas, Pescador Island is a great place to see larger pelagic fish and predator fish. The island is inhabited by two cats, is an old lighthouse post, and is only 50 metres in diameter.

However, 50 metres below the island is where the real inhabitants are. The dive site is made up of a steep wall that starts at a few metres and goes down to about 300 metres down into the deep ocean. The dive is mainly completed as a deep dive as divers will descend down to about 35 metres on this dive. Due to this depth, it is only suitable for divers with the appropriate level of deep dive training.

Around 30 metres the large fish emerge. There are large schools of sardines that have a permanent nesting place close to the base of the island. As with all Sardine sites, there are also the accompanying predators. They include many large barracudas up to a metre in length and reef sharks that call the island home. There are jacks and tuna that surround the wall, and thresher sharks that live nearby. Groupers and moray eels are very common for divers to spot as well.

In the shallower parts of the dive, divers will find many sea snakes, sea cucumbers, batfish, lionfish, and other colourful reef fish.

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