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This is another very famous dive site on Menjangan Island that is well known as a great dive for beginner divers, people learning how to dive, and snorkelers. The dive is relatively easy and has low levels of current; the water temperature tends to hover around 28 degrees for most of the year, which also makes it a comfortable dive throughout the year. The dive site is a beach dive and it is quite shallow as well making it well suited to beginner divers.

The site consists of a number of smaller reefs, together with a small wall, some flat areas and some caves. These offer some areas for exploration and smaller fish and other marine life can be found in these nooks and crannies. The coral is in great shape with beautiful growth mainly on the slopes and it is mainly made up of sponges and gorgonian fans. The visibility is also very good, going up to 40 meters and further and this is enhanced by the sunlight pouring through the nooks and crannies.

There are a large number of reef fish in the site, and divers can expect to see many small fish as well as larger pelagic fish on the borders of the reef and further out into the blue sea. Amongst the corals, there are many red-toothed triggerfish, batfish, butterfly fish, sea slugs, crabs, and shrimps. There are also large numbers of small reef fish and marine life including puffer fish, sweet lips, jacks, craps, octopus, moray eels and nudibranchs.

Further out to the deep blue, from the reef, divers can spot reef sharks swimming by, wrasses, manta and eagle rays, and large tuna fish. Both whale sharks and bull sharks have also been spotted at this dive site making it a great place to dive if you are keen to observe different shark species.

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