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Pos 2 or Pos Dua is a dive site that is very close to Bali mainland and it is also one of the most popular sites in Bali. Divers, who visit Menjangan, should definitely visit this site as it consists of two walls and a drop off that is quite steep. The drop off falls to a depth of about 100 meters. The walls and drop off have many different small caves, crevices, and gaps and these nooks and crannies are a wonderful place to explore.

There can sometimes be a small current, which helps to ensure that the corals are kept in a great condition. Divers can discover many different things and it is a great place to dive as part of learning Scuba as part of an advanced course, or as an introduction to underwater photography.

The dive site has many gorgonian fans and so it is the best place to try to spot a pygmy seahorse. There are also many moray eels, damselfish, shrimps, crabs, anemone fish, frogfish, batfish, lionfish, triggerfish, and octopus to be found at this site. Sometimes amongst the coral, divers have spotted ghost pipefish and leaf fish have also been spotted by those with a much trained eye. The coral is in great shape, and includes not only the sea fans but also whip coral and anemone, and with the two walls and the drop off, it makes for some great underwater pictures. The best corals are found at around 15 to 25 meters.

Out in the deep blue sea close by to the wall, it is also common to see some bigger pelagic fish. Manta rays are quite common as are reef sharks. Barracuda have been spotted as well as larger pelagic schools. The rare Mola Mola (Sunfish) can also be spotted if you are lucky.

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