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This is a great macro dive on a stunning wreck. This wreck was purposely sunk in 2001 to provide a place for a reef to develop. As it was sunk so recently, the marine life is not yet complexly established but it is slowly becoming home to more and more marine life.

The top of the wreck lies at 12 metres and lies on a sandy bottom of 22 metres. Divers need to limit their dive times here and watch their decompression limits as most of the dive is spent below 15 metres at the level of the main section of the wreck. Visibility gets to about 10 metres and so the macro life is what can be discovered here.

Already the wreck has good coral formations growing on it including many hard and soft corals. These have brought in an array of marine life including moray eels and orangutan crabs. Divers can examine the wreck closely as the currents are very calm and so they can pay attention to the detail of the wreck and spot the creatures such as squid, cuttlefish, mantis shrimp, crocodile fish, cuttlefish, scorpion fish, and pipefish that live on the wreck. It is also becoming a breeding ground for juvenile fish and divers can spot many small angelfish and boxfish. The surrounding sandy bottom normally has gobies and flounders hiding as well. There are many molluscs and nudibranchs as well to spot and it makes a great place for macro photography.

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