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Located in the area called “Bay of Pigs”, Punta Perdiz is a very popular dive destination due to its conditions: easy diving and little current. This dive site is suitable both for beginners and expert divers. So, I could bring both my students or dive along the deep wall with some expert divers.

The diving was very nice and there was a lot of proliferation of marine life. I loved the colours of the vegetation and the encounters with large groupers and eagle rays along the drop off.

Seahorse at Punta Perdiz, Playa Giron, Cuba

The orange seahorse is a wonderful sea creature that, despite of its bright colour, can camouflage itself. A fascinating animal! Photo Credit: Marta Panero

What makes the difference in Cuba is also noticing how healthy the reefs are. During this dive, I encountered several coral trees where the locals were doing some coral conservation, which is pretty amazing! Indeed, soft and hard corals are spread all over the reef.

Colorful Coral tree at Punta Perdiz

Cuban reefs are very healthy and colorful. Many species of hard and soft corals can be found as well as of sponges; a large variety of fishes and invertebrates reside there. Photo Credit: Marta Panero

I would recommend this dive spot for all those who like a relaxing dive.

Lobster at Punta Perdiz, Playa Giron

Lobsters are very popular in Cuban waters, but they have been fished a lot. They need to be protected from overfishing! Photo Credit: Marta Panero

Diving in Cuba is definitely an experience to try!

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