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This kelp-lined alley is one of the only places you can dive with Sevengill sharks, the prehistoric species evolution hasn’t touched in millions of years. Needless to say, Pyramid Rock was on top of my list of Cape Town dives.

But, the sharks had a different idea. They made me wait until my last week in the country, when I had decided to give it one last go. “I’d be happy to see just one,” I said to my buddy, just before rolling in.

Almost instantly, my wish came true. I spotted not one, but two, Sevengills circling straight beneath me. Doing an underwater jig of joy, I descended to the bottom, only to find that I was completely surrounded by sharks.

Sevengill sharks at Pyramid Rock, Cape Town

Sevengill sharks at Pyramid Rock – Credit: Kaelyn Lynch

There were at least two dozen, coming from every possible direction, some cruising by close enough to touch. I’d dived with sharks before, but these were different.

Clearly unfazed by our presence, they seemed to enjoy playing chicken, coming straight for me and only peeling off at the last second, eyeing me with a cool confidence while I breathed a sigh of relief.

Surfacing only when my air was just about spent, the sharks were more than worth the wait.

The Author: Kaelyn Lynch is a divemaster with experience diving in South Africa.

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