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Bloody Bay Wall is a truly magnificent wall and although it boasts more than a dozen dive sites along its perilous edge, it was specifically a dive site called Randy’s Gazebo that really caught my attention.

It’s on a section of the wall that is so sheer that in sections it actually curves back under itself, dropping off into the deep blue, so if you suffer from vertigo this dive’s not for you.

At the top arrow crabs, octopus, yellow coney, diamondhead and sailfin blennies peek out from the lush coral gardens, whilst black durgon triggerfish and queen triggerfish patrol the waters above the coral.

You then drop through a chimney to 70ft, and when you exit and look back at the wall it is decorated with exotically colored sponges in red, green, blue and yellow, white anemones and huge barrel sponges.

Big-lipped Nassau groupers watch you closely as you drift by.

The Author: Katie Stacey, Dive Instructor.

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