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Madivaru is a dive site that is synonymous with hammerhead sharks. However, this dive site rarely disappoints divers as it has a mixture of everything needed for a spectacular dive. The reef is shaped like a horseshoe and starts off at around 2 metres, dropping off as a reef wall down to about 26 metres. The wall naturally features many overhangs, crevices, nooks, and crannies, all waiting for divers to explore. The reef has been said to be quite a tricky dive site to navigate so all divers should carry a compass as well as a safety sausage.

The dive ranges from around 9 metres to 40 metres and the currents are usually moderate. Divers seeking hammerheads should hit this dive site at sunrise around 6 am when these beautiful creatures are normally out patrolling. They can appear in large schools that have often reached groups of over 50 sharks in one group. The sharks come to this dive site at depths of around 30 metres to 40 metres to be cleaned and this allows divers to get a good view of them.

At around 26 metres, there is a large sandy bottom that has a great amount of healthy coral and patches of garden eels. There are often large schools of barracuda at these depths and they are joined by stingrays, white tip reef sharks, schools of jacks, eagle rays, tuna, and grey reef sharks. Manta rays are normally spotted here during the right season. Occasionally divers have seen guitar sharks, and even the elusive silvertip shark. This list is not exclusive, and divers should be prepared to see just about any type of fish that exists in the Maldives. Whilst diving, divers should take care to watch their buoyancy and depth as the wall does drop off to over 200 metres.

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