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This is my personal favourite spot in the northern Kvarner Bay.

The Rocky Dome (better know under its German name: Felsentor) is a tunnel at 34m depth with a height of 6m and a length of 8m.

I always start by following the slope down until I reach the dome, taking my time diving through it, watching the wonderful red algea and sponges and always keep my eyes open for flatworms and nudibranchs.

Leopard Sea Slug Peltodoris atromaculata

Leopard Sea Slug (Peltodoris atromaculata) – Photo Credit: Markus Denggis

Once through the tunnel, I dive to a small wreck, at around 27m. A small sunken fisher boat, where we can find mostly a conger and a large lobster.


Lobster – Photo Credit: Markus Denggis

For the way back, I follow the wall/coast while slightly ascending. Keeping an eye on the variety of sponges and hidden creatures in the cracks.

Octopus eating a spider crab

Octopus eating a spider crab, Giranda Wall – Photo Credit: Markus Denggis

The 2nd highlight is coming at around 9m, here is another tunnel, around 2m wide and 5m long which experienced divers can dive through, coming out exactly underneath the boat.

The author: Markus Denggis is a CMAS Assistant Instructor.

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