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Lying at a depth of 18m (59ft), Sabang Wreck is an old wooden fishing junk purposely sunk for divers in 1993. After descending down the mooring line to the sandy bottom, divers are usually approached by a resident school of friendly batfish looking for a handout. While feeding is generally discouraged, it doesn’t prevent the optimistic batfish from trying! Resting upright on the sandy bottom, the wreck is a magnet for numerous species, especially frogfish. During numerous dives here, I have seen black, white, green, brown and orange specimens in all manner of sizes. At night, large numbers of well-camouflaged scorpionfish are to be found hiding in the countless recesses in the sides of the ship, so be very careful where you put your hands. Durban hinge-beak shrimps are to be found among the vessel’s rotting timbers, as are eels, crabs, lionfish, and stonefish.

The sandy areas neighbouring the wreck are home to a diverse assortment of oddities, especially at night. Black-pitted snake eels, flounders, flamboyant cuttlefish, sponge crabs, mantis shrimps, seahorses, and anemone hermit crabs are just some of the fascinating creatures to be found here. Careful probing into the sand with a pointer may result in a disturbed stargazer erupting from the bottom. This site is quite popular, with processions of divers congregating here at all times of the day. This causes a dilemma at night, as it can be very easy to end up following the wrong group. On one dive, one member of our group ended up on the wrong boat! Take care when surfacing, as the bay can be thronged with boat traffic, even at night.

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