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With 300 fish species recorded, this dive site is the one of the richest dive site in the world for sheer quantity of fish. As a result, this fantastic Bunaken dive allows divers the chance to see a remarkable variety of fish, corals and other marine species.

The dive itself is a wall dive with enough current for it to be completed as a drift dive. This current brings in the nutrients needed to sustain the large amounts of fish within the area.

There are a number of Gorgonian fans in the shallower parts of the dive site, and there are large numbers of very healthy sponges and corals. Swimming amongst all of this are some of the 301 species to be found here; triggerfish, trumpet fish, sweetlips, angelfish, groupers, snappers, unicornfish, red tooth triggerfish, Indo-Pacific sergeants and red fin anthias. It is common for turtles to be seen on the dive, alongside blue spotted stingrays, blue fin trevally in large schools, and giant trevally as well. Reef sharks often make an appearance as well.

It would be impossible to do justice to the large number of fish in this reef in a short description of the dive site, but expect a dive where you will definitely encounter a species of marine life you have not seen before. Divers should also make sure to book more than one dive at this site.
Photo credit: Edwin Phillips

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