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Taking the journey from Playa over to Cozumel to dive the Santa Rosa Wall, to what was describe to me as something I’ll never have seen before…

Boy, were they right… This awesome drift dive drops you in, in the rolling hills as you sore and glide your way past massive lobsters walking freely without a care.

Nurse Sharks hiding in the cracks between the massive coral head where the warmer waters are escaping, into large crevasses where a Hawksbill turtle is feeding as you pause to observe and she passes so close literally hitting your camera with her fin.

Hawksbill Turtle at Santa Rosa Wall dive site

Giant green Moray Ell at Santa Rosa Wall. Photo Credit: Courtney Cicoria

Getting surprised by a Giant Green Moray Eel and leading you to this unbelievable 7km drop off at 20m deep and all its glory.

Moray Eel at Santa Rosa Wall Dive Site

Giant green Moray Ell at Santa Rosa Wall. Photo Credit: Courtney Cicoria

We continue following the edge of the wall passing massive coral fans, Giant Rainbow Parrot Fish and so much more the National Park has done an outstanding job protecting in native wildlife.

The Author: Courtney Cicoria is an MSDT currently living in the Dominican Republic.

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