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In diving terms, this is a brand new wreck that was sunk in 2009. It is not far from Thap Lamu Harbour, it is lying on its starboard side, and it is already home to a surprisingly large number of marine life.

Found at depths between 28 and 40 metres, this dive is a deep dive and so divers will need some experience to complete the dive. The shop was an old cargo ship that is 12 metres wide and 84 metres across. The wreck is quite large and so there is a lot to see. It was sunk during bad weather and as it was transporting 1, 200 tonnes of timber logs to Malaysia, the load of teak can be seen lying on next to the wreck. The logs have some damage and corrosion but can still be clearly seen. The wreck is still being explored as it is so new and so on each dive, there are new penetrations, more doorways opened, entrances discovered, and passageways navigated. There are often obstacles with this and so divers will need to have specialised wreck penetration training should they wish to enter the main part of the wreck.

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