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Sha’ab Rumi South in Sudan is a unique dive and one of the best dive sites in the area. As one might imagine, dive sites surrounding Sudan are not the most visited of sites due to instabilities in Sudanese politics, but for those who enjoy venturing to the unknown in the name of adventure and great diving, Sha’ab Rumi South would be a great spot to start. The diving location offers an unbelievable experience with undamaged, undisturbed and awe-inspiring sights.

Best reached by liveaboard from Port Sudan, the site offers divers the chance to swim in the famous Jacques Cousteau’s fin prints, as it were. Cousteau set up an underwater base in these waters in 1963 to investigate the effects of remaining underwater for long periods of time. Today, divers are lucky enough to be able to see the original observation cage that Cousteau used as well as the nearby cleaning station for grey reef sharks. The grey reef sharks visit the area to be cleaned by smaller fish who enjoy feeding off the parasites in this mutually beneficial arrangement. There is plenty more to see in Sudanese waters, such as hammerhead sharks, bump head parrot fish and silky sharks.

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