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One of the most varied dive sites around Koh Tao in terms of marine life, Shark Island is one place that you’ll definitely wish to return to.

Located 300m southeast of Koh Tao this small, uninhabited, granite peak rises clear of the water from a sandy bottom at 20m.

Divers can enjoy an enormous variety of hard, encrusting corals and a similar variety of sea fans and whip corals, while the renowned “fish junction” off the northern end of the dive site provides excellent photographic opportunities.

Shark Island occasionally plays host to visiting Reef sharks and Leopard sharks. The more usual residents include Blue Spotted Rays, Scribbled Filefish, Starry Pufferfish, and Titan Triggerfish that sometimes like nibbling the fins of visiting divers who get a little too close to their nesting sites.

Although Shark Island is suitable for divers of all experience levels strong currents may occasionally be encountered, especially around full moon, allowing the possibility of exciting drift dives.

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