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This unique dive site is a major attraction for those visiting Mexico and should not be missed. The Sistema Dos Ojos, from the Spanish for “Two Eyes”, is located on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatán Peninsula. The freshwater cave extends as far as 80km down and contains at least 28 sinkhole entrances, known locally in Mexico as cenotes.

Hugely popular due to its crystal clear waters and magnificent colourful rooms, more than 100 tourists visit Dos Ojos every day to dive and snorkel. The unique passages through this flooded cave system lead to some spectacular formations.

Different rooms have different coloured hues including purple, green and blue and offer the fantastic opportunity to get close to many stalactites and stalagmites. One of the most popular rooms within the system is the Bat Cave, but thanks to an incredibly unique ecosystem, you’re likely to see a variety of fish and plant life throughout the cavern.

Sistema Dos Ojos contains the deepest known cave passage in the Quintana Roo  area. The Cenote Pit sits at a depth of 118 meters.

The dive site is also famous for hosting a record-breaking free dive by Carlos Coste from Venezuela. Coste broke the world record in 2010 for swimming the longest distance underwater using only one breath – a staggering 150 m.

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