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Like most of the dive sites in the Kapalai region, this is a shallow and relaxing dive site. Like the dive sites in Mabul Island, this site is well known for muck diving, macro underwater photography, and for spotting smaller marine life amongst the nooks and crannies. The site gets its name from the sandy channel where divers can easily see spotted rays including spotted blue stingrays and spotted eagle rays.

The depth of this site ranges from 5 metres to 20 metres and usually has moderate to strong currents lending themselves to a drift dive environment. The visibility is normally excellent often exceeding 30 metres.

Along with the many spotted blue and eagle rays in the channel, divers will be able to spot many different coloured frogfish, stonefish, and many ghost moray eels along the sandy bottom. The area is often called an underwater garden because of the variety of small marine life here and divers will be able to spot many different types of nudibranch. Mantis shrimp, frogfish, flamboyant cuttlefish, octopus, lobster, and garden eels are all commonly spotted here.

The diversity of life is spectacular and this spot is a common site for spotting the Pegasus fish that is found in pairs on the sandy bottom. These fish, also known as dragon fish, are a unique fish that feeds on burrowing marine life and although they are rare, they are easily seen at this site.

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