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This is perhaps the most famous wreck dive in the world and for good reason. Located west of Million Dollar Beach, this fantastic wreck allows for amazing penetration dives. The wreck is the largest most easily accessible shipwreck as it sits a short distance from the beach, with divers waking into the water and then dropping down underwater to the wreck.

The SS President Coolidge sunk in 1942 off the coast of Espiritu Santo. A former oceanic luxury liner, the ship had been converted into a Second World War troop ship for the American army.

When the ship was evacuated, the soldiers were told to leave all of their belongings in the ship. The ship hit the coral reef and sunk completely, taking with her, all of the belongings of the crew, and all of the military equipment.

The loss of the American military is the gain of divers ever since recreational diving began. The boat is over 192 meters long and sits on the coral reef at a minimum depth of 20 meters and a maximum depth of 70 meters. The waters are calm and have excellent visibility.

Divers are in for a real treat as it is possible to visit many parts of the wreck. Divers can explore the many equipment rooms including one room that is still the holding place for a huge number of military jeeps. There are many cargo holds containing tanks, guns and other military equipment, which are all still extremely recognizable. As the wreck is so big, divers could complete 20 dives on this wreck and still only have seen a small part of the wreck.

Whilst diving the wreck, divers should not miss out on a night dive. This is one of the most remarkable experiences as a diver. The wreck is remarkably eerie at night and even more so when divers are taken into the hold room containing all of the jeeps. Here torches are turned off and divers can witness hundreds of flash light fish who take over the hold room at night. The experience is indescribable, needs to be seen to be understood, and is something that will not be forgotten.

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