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The Yongala Wreck is quite simply one of the best wreck dives this world has to offer and is a major highlight when diving in Queensland, Australia. The SS Yongala sunk off the coast of Townsville in 1911 but was only discovered in the late 1950s, and what a discovery it was!

The steamer lies at a depth of between 25 and 30 meters and stretches out over 100 meters of ocean floor. That’s 100 meters of fascinating history to explore, not to mention the incredible variety of underwater life that can be seen in and around this world famous wreck.

Giant kingfish, sea snakes, barracuda and turtles are all within close range as well as the elegant manta and eagle rays. There’s a chance to see the slim-bodied leopard shark, a rare and striking sight and the elusive bull shark, known for its stocky physique, razor sharp teeth and aggressive nature.

Known as the solitary but mighty hunter, tiger sharks have also been known to make an appearance at the SS Yongala Wreck, most likely due to their varied diet and the enormous variety of fish species on-site.

Aside from offering superb diving all year long, the SS Yongala is also famous for winter sightings of the majestic minke whales, who may be the smallest baleen whales after pygmy right whales but can still grow to a staggering 10 meters. As if one type of whale wasn’t enough, the site is also famous for sightings of humpback whales which can grow to weight upwards of 30 tonnes!

In short, the SS Yongala is not to be missed.

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