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Considered the best dive in the Great Barrier Reef, Steve’s Bommie is a unique and fantastic dive site that will be an amazing experience for all divers. The bommie starts at 5 metres and drops down to around 35 metres and is covered with vast amounts of schooling fish. The corals are in very good condition and so are home to a very diverse range of animals. Overall, it is just a fantastic site.

The dive site is named after a legendary diver although it is unclear who this is. It has been said that Steve was either a chef, customer, free diver, or a guide that died at the dive site. The story of his death has an equally large number of versions. Regardless, at 25 metres there is a plaque for the legendary diver whose name is literally attached to the Bommie.

Amongst the corals on the bommie, divers will easily spot scorpionfish, stonefish, and sometimes leaf fish. Wobbegong sharks are also found hiding in the reef and in the surrounding areas. There are also pipefish nudibranchs, flame file shells, crabs, octopus, shrimps, and many other creatures to discover.

Large species include big-eyed jacks, barracuda, various types of reef sharks including white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, and black tip reef sharks. There are large schools of many fish patrolling the bommies such as snappers, fusiliers, and goatfish and many different types of rays can be spotted. It is no wonder that this is claimed to be one of the best sites to dive in Australia.

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