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There are actually two sections to Stingray City, the shallower sandbar where you can snorkel with them and the deeper sandbar where you can dive with them.

It was the latter that I headed to when I was in the Cayman Islands in April 2017, and I was blown away by the encounter.

Southern stingray naturally feeding

Southern stingray naturally feeding. Stingray City Sandbar, Grand Cayman – Photo Credit: Luke Massey

The Southern stingrays are drawn to the area because of the fishermen who go through the reef into the sound to gut their catches.

The fish guts were thrown overboard and the stingrays congregated to feast on them.

Now the stingrays associate the sound of a boat engine with food, and so as soon as you’ve moored up you can spot their shadows passing beneath the boat.

Southern Stingray

Stingray City Sandbar, Grand Cayman – Photo Credit: Luke Massey

Once settled on the sandy bottom we must have had about 15 stingrays searching us for food, it was fantastic!

Although this dive isn’t for the faint hearted, for the stingrays are big and some can be a quite boisterous in their search.

The Author: Katie Stacey, Dive Instructor.

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