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A popular wreck dive in the Perhentian Islands, situated about 30 mins by boat East of Kecil Island, this 90m long sugar-laden cargo ship was on its way to Indonesia for repairs when it was wrecked during a monsoon in 2000. She is resting sideways, about 18m deep on a flat sandy bottom which is also quite silty, which renders the viz to medium at best, just 5-10m. It’s a good spot for muck diving as well as wreck exploration and is suitable for all level of divers, and the best time to visit is outside of monsoon season, between March and October.

You can find a dazzling variety of marine life throughout the wreck such as sweetlips, cobias, zebra lionfish, giant pufferfish, yellowtail barracudas, silver batfish, yellow boxfish, wide-jaw mackerels, filefish and stonefish. Cuttlefish tend to graze in the sandy floor in large numbers and you might see the tell-tale ink from octopus and see blue-ringed stingrays gliding about. On the outside you’ll be surrounded by huge schools of trevallies, jacks and snappers as well as flurries of colourful reef fish.

Maximum depths here are 20m, which means you can have a longer bottom time to explore inside the wreck. Divers can access the engine room, cargo hold, wheelhouse and cabin, of which, a good selection of shells and coral formations have started to grow. If you do swim inside, keep an eye on the three massive barracudas that tend to lurk in the compartment divide. The top part of the wreck is only 6m below the surface, so in calm currents it’s possible to see the entire wreck from on the dive boat!

What’s really exciting here is an air pocket inside the cargo door in which you can freely breathe 50 ft. below the surface! But it is not recommended to take your apparatus off as the air is very stale. Patrolled by coral cat sharks and bamboo sharks, another thing to watch out for is spiny sea urchins covering the sandy bottom, so mind your buoyancy to avoid stepping on them.

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