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Talima is a wonderful dive site well known for its huge variety of marine life, its deep wall reef, and the density of fish. The site has a small 18-metre shipwreck to add to the diversity and makes it one of the most popular dive sites in the area. Talima is also part of a marine sanctuary and so the marine life is protected from over fishing and other destructive forces.

The wall starts as a sloping reef that goes down to about 18 metres. This sandy bottom has sea grass beds and some coral patches. It then suddenly drops off down to about 50 metres and beyond. The currents here can be strong enough for drive dives and these conditions provide the best diving as it provides divers with a chance to see a larger part of the wall and many more fish. The visibility of often above 20 metres and can get to over 40 metres.

The wreck at the site is now just a skeleton of a boat but it is full of marine life that has taken it over. Most of the reef fish that can be found in the area can be found on the wall and include batfish, jack fish, triggerfish, razorfish, frogfish, and pipefish. Looking amongst the soft corals on the wall divers can expect to find many different types of nudibranch, pipefish, shrimps, and crabs.

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