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”I am bored!” how many times we say these words at work? We have possibly said these for hundred times or more. The sign of boredom implies that we need some free times for vacation. One of the best activities to wipe exhaustion in our eyes and mind is diving. This underwater activity can be found all around the world, and diving in Bali gives us many diving spots choices. If we want to go diving as soon as arriving in the Ngurah Rai International Airport, Tanjung Benoa would be the best choice. It is because of the location between those places are not really far away or only 44 minutes drive. Coconut trees, white sands, bright sky, and its clear water are some picturesque parts of the region that is located in the North of Nusa Dua. Moreover, there are many nice resorts to stay and fine restaurants while having holiday here.

How to get there? Let’s go to the Nusa Dua Police Checkpoint in Nusa Dua to reach this most favorite diving destination in Bali, and then drive to the North of the Tanjung Benoa. Taking the official taxi from the airport would be a good idea to get there precisely. When your foot step on the area, the Tanjung Benoa Beach as though clapped eyes on to make you relish its scenery and activities presented. Diving, Glass Bottom Boat, Jet Ski, and many more, have attracted more visitors to come here. Therefore, do not be surprised if there are a lot of domestic and international tourists stroll around the beach. Another thing that makes this place so special is anyone could dive in any season! It is because of the serene condition of the sea that will not be changed by seasons.

Surely, intermediate or advanced divers have got some skills to dive, don’t they? How about the beginners? Of course, you do not want happily diving at first, and then foolishly drowning in the end. There are training classes for the beginners, and even provided for the advanced divers too. A guide will accompany and show each person the proper diving tools such as the diving suit, mask, oxygen tube, and the other trusted equipments. There might be a slight difference from the usual swimming, so the guide also teaches us some techniques for swimming and breathing while exploring the marine life. When you are ready to go to the sea, you need to ride a boat then, and the experienced guide will choose some great spots for you. You will face to face as if a little mermaid who could interact with marine citizen sort of tropical fish, lively jellyfish, wondrous coral, etc. The duration of the diving is approximately an hour.

Diving in tanjung Benoa would be the most memorable new experience for beginners and the most wanted moment for all underwater life lovers. So, let’s begin the vacation planning now, and get busy to visit the fantastic marine kingdom!

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