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Hukurila is a village in South Leitimur district, Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia. The ecological areas of coastal waters of Ambon city have potential for marine tourism. With the condition of the existing biophysical and stretch the various packages can be designed and planned to ecotourism, swimming, fishing, and diving tour. Some people choose to do diving in Ambon because it is supported by the natural conditions of the beach with a beautiful panorama either on the coast of the sea area that has a wide range of ornamental fish and coral reefs which are not only very exotic but also endangered in the world.

Hukurila beaches are on the south of the Island facing east. You can get there by car or other vehicles. It is reachable. The beach which is located in the District Leitimur Hukurila is popular because administratively it includes the area of Ambon city. The beach is open to the Banda Sea. The first impression when arriving at the beach are the friendly people and beautiful scenery as youll.

There seems to be an old volcano that is dead, but it still leaves a deposition of volcanic material in the form of black sand. Fresh water which flows in the stream is really fresh, clear, and shallow. You can see local children running around shouting excitedly youlcomed the crashing waves-lapping. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Let’s compare Tanjung Hukurila to the others. Hukurila is unlike Liang beach which always crowded on youekends. Hukurila beach is not as famous as the Natsepa beach. Hukurila beach surges palm trees decorated with only a few houses and a quiet atmosphere. There is no trader and there are no lodges’ shelters. Even the beach Layouna latter began bustling just had some modest cottages for visitors.

You will be very excited diving in Tanjung Hukurila. At depths greater than 20 meters below sea level, there is Hukurila Cave. It is a favorite place of the divers who visit Ambon. Above the surface of the water, beach Hukurila had a decent view of the favorites anyway. But let the silence below and above the water surface is maintained Hukurila Coast. The Tanjung Hukurila in the south coast of Ambon is really amazing. The best part of diving in Ambon especially in Hukurila is its underwater garden. Coral that bred there is wonderful. The barrel sponges, big size sea fans, and table corals are plentiful, indicating none or disturbances from human activities. In almost all dive you would be presented with the full splendor of underwater colors. With visibility in the range of 25 – 30 meters, the photography of undersea garden is guaranteed to be very excellent there.

Fish are lavish; you can also find some rare fish there. Smaller reef fish can be found everywhere and more dart fish there than in other places. You can dive among zillions of juvenile blue triggerfish which is like clouds around and plainly it looks like black clouds covering the reef front slope. Some of the more interesting reef fish often can be seen there includes the barramundi groups which are contemplated fancy by some people. Diving in Tanjung Hukurila will be very amazing, exciting, and unforgettable.

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