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This dive site is made up of a small wreck and an artificial reef and so is an unusual wreck in the area. The wreck lies in about 17 metres of water and is great for exploration diving. The dive is popular with underwater photographers, with macro divers, and also makes for a great night dive.

The average depth of the dive site is around 15 metres, with the maximum being only around 17 metres. Visibility can reach 30 metres but it is more likely to be around 15 metres. Divers of all levels can dive here although, with the shallow depths, divers will need to have good buoyancy skills.

The site has some very good coral cover and divers will also be able to spot some rare corals. The artificial reef

The diversity of the site is very good and divers can expect to find frogfish, crocodile fish, turtles, stingrays, ghost pipefish, turtles, white tip reef sharks, and black tip reef sharks. Triggerfish and blue spotted stingrays are also common here. Some of the macro life includes sea moth, flathead worms, nudibranchs, filefish, and porcupine fish. Divers should check the sandy bottom to see if there any flounders hiding in the sand, and the dive site also is home to a giant frogfish that is not scared of divers. Divers are able to inspect the fish closely and take some great pictures but all divers should be careful to not disturb the fish too much.

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