Taprobane North Wreck Dive Site

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This is a very large wreck that is now scattered across the ocean floor and provides an excellent intact wreck dive with some swim throughs created by the breakup of the boat. Divers will be able to see many features of the wreck, including two parts of the propeller.

The wreck is now home to thousands of marine fish and it is completely covered in hard and soft corals. It lies on a sandy bottom and the visibility on the dive is superb. The dive is extremely deep with the deck of the boat starting at about 30 metres and dropping down to around 40 metres. Divers will want to spend most of the dive within these depths in order to explore the vast shop but the dive time will be limited due to these deep depths. Due to how deep the dive is, divers should make sure to have specialised experience to be able to go to these depths. As the ship is extremely large, divers will also need more than one dive to explore the entire wreck.

The main exploration is on the stern side and there is a swim through here that allows divers to go through to get the view from the other side of the 10 metre high wreck. The propeller wings that are visible from this side of the boat are covered in corals and divers can find a lot of macro life amongst them.

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