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Temple Point is a great dive site with a rocky bottom and a stunning coral reef that are full of many different types of species. It gets its name from the temple that is found on the island next to the dive site, with the dive starting just metres from the feet of the giant Buddhist temple.

Divers will find a maximum depth of 30 metres with averages of about 18 metres making it quite a fairly normal dive. Visibility can reach 30 metres but divers should find that it is around 15 metres on most dives. Divers can visit throughout the year and like other nearby dive spots, between May and November, the dive conditions are at their best.

The area is a great place for divers to see many different types of sponges and some great colourful corals. Divers should be able to spot blennies, wrasses, nudibranchs, cardinalfish, triggerfish, and flatworms on most dives to the site. There should also be anthias, damselfish, groupers, angelfish, cardinalfish, butterflyfish, sweetlips, mackerel, barracuda, fusiliers, snapper, and trevallies. Other smaller creatures include many different types of shellfish, crabs, shrimps, lobsters, and octopus. Divers should definitely be sure to check out the crevices, nooks, and crannies to try to spot a hiding moray eel.

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