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Sand Reef is one of my favourite sites in Saba as you have a wall, a sandy area and a drop-off meaning 3 dive sites in one.

I start the dive descending at the deeper mooring line and go into the drop-off, look out for the nurse sharks here.

Nurse shark in Saba

Nurse Shark, Saba. Photo Credit: Debbie Woods

Then I would make my way over the sandy area which is covered in tube sponges, taking time to look closely for the many frogfish that disguise themselves as part of the reef, dangling their lure to catch their daily meal.

Frogfish, Saba

Frogfish, Saba. Photo Credit: Debbie Woods

Then I end the dive in the shelf/wall area, great for finding the green turtles, beware of the friendly snapper here especially if you are doing the night dive.

He likes to hunt in your torch and I have actually be pushed out of the way a few times so he can reach his prey.

Hawksbill turtle in Saba

Hawksbill turtle, Saba. Photo Credit: Debbie Woods

I end the dive on the top of the shelf which is perfectly placed at 5m depth, full of light it is ideal for final photos with the turtles.

The Author: Debbie Woods is a PADI and SSI Master instructor with more than 6000 dives accross 4 continents.

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