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The Eye of the Needle is a completely unique dive site and the central part of the famous deep water pinnacles that Saba is known for.

For this dive due to the depth and nature, nitrox is always preferred, and descending on the line is essential.

Good visibility is usual in the area, so once I have descended about 20m on the line, I can see the needle in the distance, about 25m from the main pinnacle.

I take the group of divers to swim out in the blue across to the thick column of rock that names this site.

It was created by an underwater volcano eruption and subsequent erosion over many years. The top is about 10m diameter only and it descends to over 70m depth.

Seahorse, Saba

There is only a short time to enjoy the sights before NDL’s are reached and we need to head back to the line.

Lobster, Saba

Lobster, Saba. Photo Credit: Debbie Woods

I always use this time to watch the view as Mantas, whale sharks, bull sharks and even a hammerhead have been spotted here.

The Author: Debbie Woods is a PADI and SSI Master instructor with 6000 dives accross 4 continents.

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Lynn November 14, 2017

A site like no other! A MUST experience!!


Kai November 14, 2017

I agree, this is one of the top dive sites in the Caribbean! I don’t know of any other that compare to The Needle. Should be on the bucket list for the adventure seekers.


Javier November 17, 2017

Fantastic experience with Sea Saba! We did 21 dives with them in February and we have NEVER been treated this great. The first hint of the Needle, as you approach it from the blue at 85 feet is spectacular.


Cheryl November 18, 2017

Always request this dive every time I visit Saba. It’s a special site with gorgeous corals and abundant wildlife against beautiful azure blue water.


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