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When divers think of Zanzibar, it is normally Mnemba Atoll that is the first place that come to their minds, but Stone Town has some great sites too.

One of the most memorable dive spot is the Great Northern, a pretty scattered shallow wreck that is located just 20 mins out by Dhow and has sunk close to a fantastic shallow reef.

I would always start the drive to the East of the Great Northern itself, so the reef can be enjoyed before reaching the wreck.

One of my favourite morays is found here, the geometric moray. It has such amazing patterns and stands out perfectly with it white colouring.

Geometric moray, zanzibar

Geometric Moray, Zanzibar. Photo Credit: Debbie Woods

All the usual favourites such as lionfish, giant morays, peacock flounders also make an appearance, but I always make a point to go to the anemone just before you reach the wreck itself. Here I find the lovely dancing shrimp living in harmony with there fabulous orange and white colouring. The anemone itself was quite active and know to moves quite large distances between visits to the site.

On the sandy bottom by the wreck, there are many bent stick pipefish waving in the water movement pretending to be whip corals.

Pipefish, Zanzibar

Pipefish, Zanzibar. Photo Credit: Debbie Woods

The Author: Debbie Woods is a PADI and SSI Master instructor with 6000 dives accross 4 continents.

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