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The lighthouse is a diving spot directly in the town of Dahab.

I always start from shore diving a little bit to the right first to a small wreck.

Afterwards, I enter the coral garden. The nice thing about this spot is that the corals are growing on a slope, so you are always diving next to and above corals.

Coral garden

Coral garden – Photo Credit: Markus Denggis

Following the slope, we reach a crack through which experienced divers can dive, be aware that there can be a strong current when exiting.

For the way back, I always go zigzag through the coral garden.

The marine life of the Red Sea is famous for what can be seen.

Giant clam

Giant clam – Photo Credit: Markus Denggis

Macro photographers will find a huge variety of Christmas treeworms and nudibranches.

What I always like to do there are fluorescence night dives, offered by the environmental care company “RSEC” for 15€ addition to the standard dive price. With the special glasses and lamps, you get, you will see the animals you know in new colours.

Best thing I ever saw was coral spawning during the fluorescence dive, where I felt like diving through a rainbow-colored mist.

The author: Markus Denggis is a CMAS Assistant Instructor.

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