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A spectacular sheer wall dive full of interesting rock formations, and covered in sea sponges, anemones and both hard and soft corals in stunning colours. Situated 5 mins by boat from Layang Layang Resort, this site has depths ranging from 5m to 40m and is classified as a deep wall dive, which is perfectly suited for intermediate to expert level divers.

With up to 50m of viz in sparkling clear waters, the Runway is a photographers dream as you snap away in the crevices and gullies of the wall for macro creatures, and discover the incredible sight of reef fish including fusiliers, baitfish, jacks and surgeonfish swimming vertically up the wall like a silver upside-down cascade.

Don’t just explore the wall though, be safe and make sure to look out behind you for the big pelagic predators like manta rays, grey sharks, hammerheads and tuna, who come cruising along the wall looking for their next meal, and then experience the mad flurry around you of the reef fish as they rush to escape an attack.  Surrounded by these amazing sights, you could easily be distracted, especially if you have a camera, and can misjudge your depth, so keep an eye on your gauges!

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